Did you know that tea is the most consumed drink in the world next to water? The top three tea consumers across the globe in 2016 are Turkey, Ireland, and United Kingdom. It seems like these countries know a thing or two about drinking tea regularly.

Over the years, tea consumption has increased worldwide –and for good reasons. As people discover ways to have healthy lives, many have come to love tea.

If you’re not drinking tea, you should consider adding it to your meals daily. Why?

Here are reasons to start drinking tea everyday:

1. Drinking Tea Relaxes You 

Woman holding teacup for tea time

Everyday stress could easily add up and result in long-term negative effects for your physical and mental health. A small change in your lifestyle could help you manage stress effectively. 

You can start by drinking tea to soothe your nerves.

According to a study conducted by University College London (UCL), black tea affects stress hormone levels in your body. Those who were given tea daily were able to de-stress more quickly after going through stressful conditions than those who received other types of drinks.

2. It Helps Improve Endurance

Drinking Tea for Endurance

Tea contains catechins, a compound found in green tea extracts. Research shows that it could boost energy metabolism and endurance capacity.

3. Tea has Antioxidants

Tea and its antioxidants

The antioxidants in tea could help reduce your risks of certain cancers, including esophageal, colorectal, breast, stomach, and skin.

4. It Could Help You Lose Weight

Lose weight with tea

Tea contains ZERO calorie. If you’re trying to lose weight, drinking tea should be part of your daily routine. You can enjoy as many cups of tea as you like without worrying about your calorie consumption.

If you’re not looking forward to having water as your BFF when losing weight, choose tea. You can pick from a wide range of flavors and enjoy your favorite drink in two ways: hot or cold.

5. Tea Calms Your Digestive System

drinking tea for digestion

Drinking tea aids digestion. Thanks to the antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids that they come with! Apart from promoting a healthy gut, it could also prevent inflammation.

One of the known benefits of drinking green tea is that it helps reduce gas and stimulates your intestines.

6. Drinking Tea Regularly Could Help Manage Sugar Levels

manage sugar level with tea

Studies show that certain properties in green tea and black tea have anti-obesity and antidiabetic effects.

Regular tea consumption could help reduce your risk of developing diabetes. However, other factors also play a role in how likely it is for you to develop the condition. If you already have diabetes, drinking tea could support your maintenance regimen.

7. Tea Could Help Get Rid of Bad Breath

drink tea to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath is definitely a turn-off! 

According to research, black tea contains properties that help limits the production for foul-smelling compounds in the mouth.

Next time that you’re not confident with your breath, try drinking tea. It could help!

8. It Could Improve Your Immune System

Drinking tea to boost immune system

Herbal tea like chamomile, dandelion, ginseng, and picrorhiza contain compounds that could boost your immune system.

These herbal teas stimulate the production of interferons and white blood cells, which help fight against pathogens and infections.

Make sure to talk to your doctor if you’re suffering from any health condition and would like to use herbal tea with your medications. These drinks often have a diuretic effect, which could cause dehydration.

9. It Contains Less Caffeine Than Coffee

tea vs coffee caffeine content

Too much caffeine could increase cortisol, the stress hormone. High cortisol levels could have negative effects in your body. If you can’t give up coffee and the caffeine that comes with it, choose a better alternative –tea.

10. Drinking Tea Could Protect You from the Harmful Effects of Smoking

Tea and Smoking

According to studies, black tea could prevent oxidation of lung proteins caused by cigarette smoking. Of course, this shouldn’t give you reasons to start –or continue– smoking. It is bad for your health and no amount of tea could help reverse any damage that is already there.

With these many benefits of drinking tea daily, it’s time to start your quest to finding the perfect tea for you. You can start with some of the tea mentioned here. Green tea and black tea are two of the most popular varieties on the market.



Aileen is a content manager and tea enthusiast. If she's not crafting interesting content, she's busy searching for the perfect cup of tea and swooning over Earl and Troy, her cats.