There are days when we just want our tea strong. Today is one of those days and we're lucky to have Amber Black Maple tea from Embrew in our tea stash. We even got an extra treat. It comes with sweetener in the bag.  

"Sugar in our tea?! No way!"

A bit of side note

In our last review, which we shared on Reddit, many people reacted negatively about putting sugar in their tea. While we rarely add sugar to our tea too, we don't mind exploring the idea and trying it out. We couldn't understand why many have such strong emotions about it.  

Any thoughts on this? 

Okay, on to our tea review!

Tea Basics 

 amber black maple tea, embrew

  • Name: Amber Black Maple
  • Brand: Embrew
  • Origin: Ilam, Nepal
  • Flavor Profile: Whole leaf black tea with caramel notes 
  • Steeping Instructions: Steep a tea bag for two to three minutes in 10-12 oz. of water at 195-degree Fahrenheit (91-degree Celsius) 
  • Price: $15.95 for a pack with 10 tea bags 


You may have just heard about them today, but Embrew isn't a newbie when it comes to tea. Their founder has waited about a decade for the tea industry to come up with a product that combines tea and sweeteners. After years of waiting, they've finally decided to do it themselves. 


tea bag, amber black maple tea

The tea bag's aroma reminds us of fall in this Texas summer heat. It has a sweet, light roast aroma — like log burning in the fireplace. The steeped leaves, on the other hand, smelled like raisins. 

After the first steeping, we find that the leaves haven't completely unfurled. You can probably use them to re-steep once or twice.  


amber black maple tea liquor

The copper-colored liquor looks like whisky. It's aroma has a hint of smoked logs, which is not surprising as this black tea from Nepal is double-roasted. However, it's not as strong as we want our black tea but its flavor won't disappoint. Despite the granulated maple syrup, the tea is only mildly sweet. It also doesn't have any astringency or bitter aftertaste. The sweetness lingers in your mouth. 

Overall Experience

embrew amber black maple tea

The color is great and the flavor is okay. We won't have second thoughts trying Amber Black Maple tea again. While it may not be our morning tea, we'd drink this anytime within the day to help us power through our work hours. 

Would you like to add this to your tea stash? You can buy it from here or check out for other tea varieties blended with craft sweeteners. 

Have you tried it? Share your experience with us! 




*CompareTea received a sample to review. We made sure to keep our review as honest and unbiased as possible for the benefit of our readers.  



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