Before we go on to the review, let me give you a brief intro about me. 

A few years back, I'm a self-confessed coffee addict. I literally can't function without coffee. And I wish that was an exaggeration. A morning without coffee means I will be staring out into space trying to keep myself awake but not having enough brain power to accomplish anything. 

Because of health reasons, I had no choice but to give up coffee. To still have my much-needed caffeine, I resorted to tea, which I believe is gentler to my stomach and healthier than coffee. Naturally, I gravitated toward black tea. Since then, I'm always on the lookout for great tasting black tea. In fact, we've reviewed quite a few in the past few weeks. 

Today, we'll be reviewing another one. 

Tea Basics 

black tea, black dragon pearls

  • Name: Black Dragon Pearls
  • Brand: Shine Wing Tea
  • Origin: Hunan, China
  • Flavor Profile: Bold and slightly bitter
  • Caffeine Content: high
  • Steeping Instructions: No instructions came with the package. For the review, we used four pearls for an 8-oz cup and steeped for four minutes at boiling point.   

Black Dragon Pearls 

black dragon pearls tea

The black dragon pearls were well rounded and are colored dark green or moss green. They have a sweet and almost chocolatey aroma. Compared with previous black dragon pearls we've tried, we find Shine Wing Tea's black dragon pearls to be heavier than the others. They are also a bit bigger. 

There was no powder or dust in the bag.  

Shine Wing Tea Brew

black tea, dragon pearls

We steeped the four black dragon pearls twice. 

First Steeping

For the first brew, we had a cup of dark brown liquor that almost look like black coffee. The thin leaves were brown and wiry. This black tea has a bold and earthy flavor. It also gives a bitter aftertaste. In addition, the aftertaste has a slight astringency too it.

As you may have noticed in the picture, there were some dusts or powdery sediments.   

Second Steeping

The only difference between the first and second steeping was the intensity of the flavor. The second steeping gave a stronger flavor than the first one.  

Overall Experience with Black Dragon Pearls from Shine Wing Tea

black dragon pearls

There are black tea varieties that wake you up gently — as in you feel yourself slowly becoming more alert as you finish your cup. And then there are those that jolt you into consciousness ;p. That's this kind of black tea.

I was just on my second or third sip when I noticed an increase in my heart rate and by the time I'm halfway through, I can already feel my heart pounding.  

What I like about the black dragon pearls from Shine Wing Tea is its flavor. It gives such as strong flavor, you could use it the entire day (I tried) and still get a decent taste on your last cup.

You also won't have to worry about the caffeine content. While you may be drinking black tea several times a day, you're really just getting the amount of caffeine that's in the pearls you initially used. The caffeine content tapers as you go through the day so even if you have your last cuppa at 6 PM, you're not taking in a highly caffeinated drink that might keep you up all night. Price wise, this means you're getting the most from your pearls.   

I would advise, however, to drink this tea slowly, especially if you're concerned about palpitations and heart rates. 

If you think this tea is for you, check out Shine Wing Tea at for more information on how to buy their black dragon pearls. 

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*CompareTea received a sample pouch of black dragon pearls from Shine Wing Tea to review. We made sure to keep our review as honest and unbiased as possible for the benefit of our readers.  



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