Have you ever had that day? You know, THAT day, when every little inconvenience piles up every hour. It’s like looking both ways before crossing the street, then BOOM, an airplane lands on top of you. Fortunately, there are also plenty of little ways to ensure you survive the day happy and intact. These include (you guessed it) a cup of steaming green tea, which will almost always raise the spirits (especially when paired with a large oatmeal cookie or two).

Shine Wing Tea even has an excellent option that’s aptly named Daily Life Tea. Does it guarantee a quick cheer-me-up from the day’s small difficulties? Let’s see if it lives up to its name in this week’s review.

Tea Basics

  • Name: Daily Life Green Tea
  • Brand: Hunan Shine Wing
  • Flavor Profile: A light pleasant flavor with a tart aftertaste.
  • Steeping Instructions: A teaspoon for every 80z water. Steeped for four minutes.


daily life green tea leaves

Photo by Rob Estonactoc

Shine Wing’s Daily Life Green Tea has small and twisting leaves, with a lovely green color so dark it’s almost black. Once you’ve steeped them, the leaves open up, becoming longer and lighter--a pleasant green in different shades. The tea itself offers a cheerful golden hue, like a midday sun trapped in a cup.


The dry leaves of Shine Wing’s Daily Life Green Tea are sweet and fragrant, almost redolent of fruit. At the same time, the scent has a hint of salt in it--a good mix that allows for a relaxing feel. It loses some of its tang once you’ve added water. As with most green teas, the salt-leaf aroma is now more prominent. It retains its warm, calming effect, however.


Shine Wing Tea Green Tea

Photo by Rob Estonactoc

A mild, smooth flavor greets the taste buds when you take a sip of Shine Wing’s Daily Life Green Tea. The slightly bitter aftertaste only adds fullness, preventing the tea from being too light. If you prefer, you can put a spoonful of honey on it (as I did) for a richer flavor.

Overall Experience

Daily Life Green Tea

Photo by Rob Estonactoc

Shine Wing’s Daily Life Green Tea offers a light yet fresh experience with every mouthful. Whether you’re having a rotten day or not, you're sure to perk up once you take that first, long sip. Have a cup every day, see, its name says so.

If you’re interested in Shine Wing’s Daily Life Green Tea or want to try the brand’s other options, check out their Instagram (@shinewingtea) or visit their website.


*CompareTea received a sample to review. We made sure to keep our review as honest and unbiased as possible for the benefit of our readers.  


Jay Edma

Jay is a content writer and tea-newbie. He enjoys books and video games in his spare time, that is, if he's not outside looking for new food haunts.