Also called as Bai Mu Dan, White Peony is a popular type of white tea that's loved around the world for its refreshing floral and mellow flavor.  

This first-grade white peony we're reviewing came from Shine Wing Tea, a tea exporter based in Hunan, China.  

Tea Basics 

White tea is made from "budsets" composed of one to two leaves and a bud. The most noteable characterisitc of the leaves is that they're covered with fine white hair.  The budset is known as "SanBai" and is plucked early in the spring. The budsets are then left to whither.

shine wing tea, white peony white tea

  • Name: 1st Grade White Peony
  • Brand: Shine Wing Tea
  • Origin: Hunan, China
  • Flavor Profile: Mild, slightly floral and fruity with a hint of sweetness
  • Caffeine Content: In general, white tea has low caffeine content
  • Steeping Instructions: Use about two to three teaspoons of white peony leaves for an 8-oz cup. Steep for three to five minutes between 175-degree and 180-degree temperature.   

White Peony Tea Leaves 

white peony leaves

The whole leaves are tippy, neat, and uniform in color and size. The dark green white peony leaves have a delightful subtle floral aroma that could instantly relax you. 

White Peony Brew

For the review, we used three teaspoons of first-grade white peony leaves by Shine Wing Tea for an 8-oz cup and steeped it for five minutes.

The aroma of the steeped leaves is less noticeable than the aroma of the dry leaves. Although it retained its floral aroma, there was also a hint of freshly cut grass mixed in. The liquor on the other hand, has a mild floral aroma.

First Steeping of White Peony Tea

white peony white tea

The first brew gave us a cup of beautiful pale yellow liquor. Its flavor is mild without any astringent taste. The liquor is thin and with some floral notes. You'll get that gentle sweetness as an aftertaste. 

Second Steeping of White Peony Tea

Our second steeping gave us a liquor that's slightly paler than what we had from our first steep but there was no remarkable change in flavor. 

We only tried steeping twice but with the difference in flavor between the first and second steepings, we think you could do one more round of tea with the white peony leaves (three teaspoons).

Overall White Peony Tea Experience

white peony white tea from shine wing tea

We liked its clean, mellow flavor and the gentle sweet aftertaste is a nice treat. Because the flavor is mild, it's not difficult to make this tea your go-to tea during the day. We steeped white peony again the next day and we found ourselves just reaching for pot and refilling it throughout the day.

Of course, if you're drinking tea for its caffeine content, you'd be better off with black tea or oolong tea

As an avid green tea drinker, my mom said she'd welcome a change in her evening tea time and drink this instead.  

Interested to get White Peony Tea from Shine Wing Tea? Check them out on Instagram or get in touch with them through Whatsapp (+8618373377959). You can also send an email to

*CompareTea received a sample pouch of first-grade White Peony tea from Shine Wing Tea to review. We made sure to keep our review as honest and unbiased as possible for the benefit of our readers.  



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