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I have wanted to try Teabox for a while now but haven't gotten around to ordering from them. As a start to my year, I finally decided to give them a try and see why they are a hit to many of my friends. 

411 on Teabox

Teabox Sample Pack

Teabox is a online tea shop that source their teas from India and Nepal. They offer monthly subscription boxes, loose leaf teas, and tea bags — or teapacs as they call it.

The first thing I liked about them (and this has nothing to do with their teas per se) is how easy it is to shop from their website. Their products are conveniently categorized according to types, regions, flavors, and collections. I'm not very particular about the regions but if you are, you'd love shopping from Teabox.

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I also like that they took the time to put as much information as possible on their product pages. Buying tea online is a challenge. For some, it's often a hit and miss — especially if you're getting tea from a brand you haven't tried in the past. Apart from the usual tea description, taste, aroma, steeping instruction, picking date, and customer reviews, you'll also find details on ingredients (for tea blends), appearance of the liquor, caffeine level, complements, and condiments.   

Teabox Sample Packs

Because this is the first time I'm getting tea from Teabox, I decided to get one of their sample packs. As of this writing, they have 27 sample packs with prices ranging between $10 and $536.

Teabox Collection for Beginners

I got their Collection for Beginners, which includes 10 samples of different tea varieties. I chose this pack because the set has a lot of black tea varieties. It also includes a chai sample, an oolong, a green tea, a white tea, and some tea blends.

Teabox Tea Samples

Every order comes with three free samples. My complimentary teas are Temi Spring Clonal Black tea, Singbulli Summer Chinary Black tea, and Temi Autumn Green tea.

So, I got a total of 13 packs for $23 and paid $10 for shipping. I'd say that's a good deal. Delivery was also quite fast. I ordered on January 6 and got the package delivered on January 12. 

I have probably opened four to five packs in this collection and I have yet to be disappointed. I am wary about tea with any astringent characteristics and so far, the ones I've tried have none. Most of the ones I've opened have broken leaves. While I prefer whole leaf or full leaf, this isn't something I'd complain about. These teas (at least the ones I've already tried) are delicious! 

Teabox offers a range of tea varieties from black and green teas to white teas, oolongs, and tea blends. Getting a sample pack is a great way to know if Teabox is your cup of tea. And if you like them, you can save yourself the trouble of ordering when you're out of tea by signing up for a monthly subscription and enjoy different types of teas every month. 

Ready to try Teabox? Get 20% off your subscription box from today until March 31, 2018 with discount code TEACLUB20. 

Teabox Tea Subscription discount




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