When I hear "blooming tea", I'm like a kid at Christmas excited to open her gifts. And Jin Zhan Yin Tai from Shine Wing Tea had me so giddy this morning to start a tea session. 

We failed on the few times we've tried blooming teas because we didn't have the right cup size. Some of the blossoms we got also didn't sink to the bottom of the cup. Others bloomed sideways. While I was excited for today's tea time, I also couldn't get our past experiences out of my mind. 

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But hopefully, this blooming tea session would be a better one. 

Tea Basics

Blooming tea by Shine Wing Tea

  • Name: Jin Zhan Yin Tai -Juicy Peach Flavor
  • Brand: Shine Wing Tea
  • Origin: Hunan, China
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet and fruity 
  • Steeping Instructions: Steep one bloom for three to six minutes in an 8-10 oz cup of boiling water. 


The moment I opened the pack, I was treated to a sweet fruity scent that reminds me of relaxing summer days. My first thought was "Wow, this could make for a great iced tea." 

The blossom, which has varying shades (olive and pear) of green, was tightly rolled into a neat ball. You could tell just by smelling it that you'll get an intense flavor out of it. 

The blossom floated for a few seconds in our cup, sunk, and bloomed beautifully. 

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This Jin Zhan Yin Tai by Shine Wing Tea isn't as sweet as I thought it would be and that worked great for me. You could definitely taste the peach in it. It has a bit of an astringency though, which I think complemented its fruity flavor. Once it has cooled down, the bitterness becomes stronger.  


blooming tea

My blooming tea experience with Shine Wing Tea is definitely better than the once I've had in the past. I would love to try other available blooming tea variants to know if the quality and experience will be consistent throughout. 

Overall, I like this tea for its refreshing flavor. It's perfect served hot but with its flavor, I think this would also be great served cold. 

Would I buy one? Most definitely!

If you're interested to learn more about Shine Wing Tea and their products, you may check them out on Instagram (@shinewingtea) or visit their website (http://www.shinewingtea.com/)






*CompareTea received a sample to review. We made sure to keep our review as honest and unbiased as possible for the benefit of our readers.  



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