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We found this Petite Bouquet of Numi Flowering Tea for just $5.99 at the World Market in Arlington, TX. In Amazon, it sells for $9.55. We found an awesome deal, right? You could also get this from World Market’s website. You’ll find the link below.

The pack comes with four types of blossoms:

  1. Dragon Lily
  2. Sunset Oolong
  3. Lavender Dream
  4. Golden Jasmine

We’ve tried Numi Organic Tea a few times and we were never disappointed. It’s safe to say we’ve set our expectations for this pack.

Tea Basics

numi flower tea, dragon lily white tea

  • Name: Dragon Lily White Tea (Loose Tea)
  • Brand: Numi Organic Tea
  • Origin: N/A
  • Flavor Profile: Velvety, sweet Apricot
  • Caffeine Content: Nothing was mentioned in the box but white tea generally has very little caffeine in it.
  • Steeping Time & Temperature: Three to five minutes with boiling water
  • Steeping Instructions: Place Numi flower tea blossom in a teapot and pour boiling water. Steep for three to four minutes to have the flower bloom fully. Swirl tea to even the flavor.
  • Price: $85.85 for an 8-ounce bag, which contains about 25 pieces

Dry Numi Dragon Lily Flowering Tea

dry tea leaves, numi flowering tea dragon lily

Numi flower teas were carefully hand sewn by artisans and you could see that in the blossom. The mushroom-shaped dragon lily white tea blossom looked tightly packed. And judging by the size, it could probably make a few 8-ounce cups of tea.

Steeped Numi Dragon Lily Flowering Tea

dragon lily white tea, numi flower tea

For our tea review, we used the tea blossom thrice as the instruction said we could do.

We were initially hesitant to use boiling water for white tea. The recommended steeping temperature for this type of tea is between 170 degrees Fahrenheit and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Others prefer 160-degrees for with white tea.

First Steep

first steeping, numi flowering tea, white tea

For our first try, we decided to brew it with a water temperature of 175 degrees. We steeped it for four minutes to get the full flavor.

As it was our first time try a flower tea, it was a bit of a let down when we didn’t get that “beautiful flower” we were expecting. What we had looked like a bunch of tied unfurled tea leaves. It was quite a mess.

Did you have the same experience?

For the first steeping of Numi flower tea dragon lily variant, the tea was very pale. While the flavor was light, it was still pleasant. As expected with Numi tea, there was no astringent-like taste.

Second and Third Tries

second steeping, dragon lily white tea, flowering tea

We used boiling water for the second and third pots and still steeped for four minutes.

Our second steeping gave us a beautiful golden colored tea. There was a significant difference in color and taste between the first and second steeping. We got more flavor in this steeping than in the first one. We could almost taste the sweetness of the apricot in it.

We got a decent flavor for the third steeping but the color is paler than the second one.

Overall Numi Dragon Lily Flowering Tea Experience

For flavor and color, Numi’s Dragon Lily Flower Tea met our expectations. For us, this is a great tea to have a night. With its light flavor and white tea’s low caffeine content, it could relax you and set the tone for a quiet me time. It’s also perfect for winding down after a busy day.   

What disappointed us with this tea is how it looked when it “bloomed.” If you’re getting flower tea to have a beautiful bloom in your pot, this one might disappoint you. And $85 for an 8-ounce bag is a bit pricey for us, considering the kind of bloom we got with it.  

But hey, we’re not giving up on this pack yet! We still have three more blossoms to try!

For more information on Numi’s Dragon Lily Flower Tea, you may visit the following sites:

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Have you tried this tea? Share with us your experience!



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