In this week’s tea review, we’ll take a closer look and perform a taste test on Shine Wing’s Tie Guan Yin option. Tie guan yin is a type of oolong tea that originated in Anxi, in China’s Fujian province. A premium option (and the go-to choice for oolong tea among the Chinese), tie guan yin sets itself apart with its flowery fragrance, which is said to remind one of orchids.

 Now I’ve never tried oolong tea, so I think this will be a treat. Read on to see if Shine Wing’s Tie Guan Yin makes me ooooh-long or soooo-long.

Umm, that’s a really lame joke, forget I said it.  

Tea Basics

Shine Wing Tea Tie Guan Yin Tea

Photo by Rob Estonactoc

  • Name: Tie Guan Yin Green Tea
  • Brand: Hunan Shine Wing
  • Flavor Profile: A delicate flavor with slight, but delicious sweetness
  • Steeping Instructions: 1 tsp for every 6oz of water.


Shine Wing’s Tie Guan Yin tea is recognizable by its small, curled, almost ball-like leaves. As with most green teas, it has a lush, dark-green color. They spread out considerably, allowing for leaves of a lighter jade color, with serrated edges. The tea itself produces a delightful mix of green and pale gold, like liquid peridot.


Tea time with Tie Guan Yin Tea by Shine Wing Tea

Photo by Rob Estonactoc

I was actually surprised at its aroma--a lovely floral fragrance wafts up from its small, curled-up leaves. They weren’t kidding, this tea does smell like orchids. (My Ma raises orchids back home so I would know). And the best thing about it? The tea retains its aroma so you get a whiff of its pleasant blossomy scent every time you take a sip. I’ve already tried two of Shine Wing’s tea options (both have a salty, milky aroma), and I have to say Tie Guan Yin gives the best olfactory experience.


Tie Guan Yin Tea Tasting

Photo by Rob Estonactoc

Tie Guan Yin tea from Shine Wing offers a delicate flavor, with just a hint of sweetness. For those of you who don’t enjoy teas with a bitter aftertaste (like me), then you’ll probably love this option. Tie Guan Yin is mild and refreshing, a perfect companion to a light snack. Good news--the tea doesn’t lose much of its flavor upon re-steeping, letting you enjoy its light, relaxing flavor for longer.  

Overall Experience

Tie Guan Yin Tea Review

Photo by Rob Estonactoc

I don’t know about you, but this is my favorite loose leaf tea so far. I’ve never tried oolong tea before, and I’m glad my introduction to it has been enjoyable. In Shine Wing’s Tie Guan Yin option, the combination of floral aroma and delicate flavor allows for a most satisfying tea experience.

If you’re interested in Shine Wing’s Tie Guan Yin Green Tea or want to try the brand’s other options, check out their Instagram (@shinewingtea) or visit their website.


*CompareTea received a sample to review. We made sure to keep our review as honest and unbiased as possible for the benefit of our readers.  


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