What do you do when you're having a toxic day at work or experiencing writer's block? You take a break and drink a relaxing cup of tea, of course! Today is one of those days when we've got lots of things to do but our mind just couldn't handle the stress. Thankfully, we've got something to calm ourselves down. 

Today, we're reviewing what we'd say a novelty kind of tea. When we first heard about it, we instantly got curious and excited about trying it. And we're doing it now! Tadaaaa!  

Tea Basics: 

  • Name: Steamed Honey Green Tea Bag
  • Brand: Embrew
  • Origin: Thyolo District, Malawi
  • Flavor Profile: Steamed green tea with soft floral notes 
  • Steeping Instructions: Steep a tea bag for two to three minutes in 10-12 oz. of water at 175-degree Fahrenheit (79-degree Celsius) 
  • Price: $15.95 for a pack with 10 tea bags 

What makes this tea special? This green tea drink is an artisan tea blended with craft sweeteners. This one we're trying comes with granulated honey. 

There aren't too many brands selling this kind of product. Embrew is the only brand we know that offers tea with sweeteners in the tea bag. 

Aroma of Embrew's Steamed Honey Green Tea

Embrew steamed honey green tea drink, artisan blended tea

The aroma of the bag has a notable sweetness. We couldn't really smell the green tea at first but once we've steeped the bag, the aroma of the green tea became noticeable. It's vegetal and has a bit of a minty scent.  

Flavor of the Steamed Honey Green Tea

steamed honey green tea drink

We steeped the bag for three minutes in a 10-oz cup of water at 175-degree Fahrenheit (79-degree Celsius). What we got was a beautiful cup of golden green tea drink. We dunk the bag a few times to make sure we get as much of the flavor out of the bag. 

The initial thought we had when we tasted the Steamed Honey Green tea was that it has a milky or creamy flavor. The liquor also has a subtle aroma of green tea. According to Embrew, there's a little bitterness in the tea but if there was, we didn't' taste it. The aftertaste is sweet and the liquor has no astringent characteristics. 

Because of the honey granules, we were expecting a very sweet green tea drink. But what we got from the first steeping was a lightly sweetened cuppa, which is perfect. 

You wouldn't have to worry when you're serving this to friends and everyone has their own preference when it comes to how sweet they want their tea to be. Because it's not overwhelmingly sweet, it would be easy to adjust the sweetness of your tea to your liking.  

Of course, for the second steeping, all the sweetness was gone. What we had, however, is a soothing cup of green tea drink. The flavor of the green tea stood out more in the second steeping compared with the creamy flavor we got from the first one. 

leaves of steamed honey green tea drink

When we checked the leaves after the second round, they still weren't completely unfurled. You could probably use the bag for another steeping and still get decent taste out of it. 

Overall Experience 

The tea was great — better than we expected, to be honest. You see, we don't like adding anything to our tea (no milk, no sugar). But Embrew's Steamed Honey Green tea worked well for us and we think that's mostly because of the level of sweetness that the tea gave us. If it had been any sweeter, we probably wouldn't have enjoyed this green tea drink. 

Would you like to try Embrew's Steamed Honey Green tea? You can order here. They also have other flavors, namely Amber Black Maple, Creamy Honey Oolong, Bourbon Smoked White, and Lavender Chamomile Kick.

We'll be reviewing some more of Embrew's artisan tea blends in the coming days. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for review updates! 


*CompareTea received a sample of Steam Honey Green tea from Embrew to review. We made sure to keep our review as honest and unbiased as possible for the benefit of our readers.  




Aileen is a content manager and tea enthusiast. If she's not crafting interesting content, she's busy searching for the perfect cup of tea and swooning over Earl and Troy, her cats.