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Tea review time! First up on our list is Tealyra's Black Dragon Pearl Tea. We were very excited for this tea review because (1) it's our first time to try dragon pearls and (2) it's our first time to try Tealyra.  

Tea Basics 

tealyra black dragon pearl tea packaging

 Before we go to the fun part, let's get to the basics. 

  • Name: Black Dragon Pearls
  • Brand: Tealyra
  • Origin: Yunnan Province, China 
  • Flavor Profile: According to Tealyra's website, their Black Dragon Pearl tea is smooth and chocolatey with earthy notes and a natural sweet flavor like raisins. 
  • Caffeine Content: High
  • Steeping Time and Temperature: two to three minutes at 205-degree Fahrenheit or 95-degress Celsius. 
  • Instructions: Packaging says 1 teaspoon for every 8-oz or 200-ml of water. Tealyra's website recommends two to three pearls per cup. 
  • Price: $15.45 for a 4-oz/100 g bag

To review Tealyra's Black Dragon Pearls, we used filtered water, a tea strainer, and a ceramic tea set. For those who are wondering, we heated the water on a stove. 

Dry Black Dragon Pearls 

tealyra black dragon pearl tea dried leaves

The pearls were well twisted and are not crumbly. The aroma from the bag and the black dragon pearls themselves is earthy but subtle. 

For our Black Dragon Pearl tea review, we decided to create two batches of tea. One using three dragon pearls and another using seven dragon pearls.  

A common suggestion by those who have already tried Black Dragon Pearl tea by Tealyra was five pearls. However, we felt that seven pearls would give us the flavor that we wanted to achieve.

Steeped Black Dragon Pearl Tea

Using Three Black Dragon Pearls

Three pearls isn't enough for an 8-oz pot. If you're just making tea in a small teacup, maybe three would work.  

Our suggestion? Use more than three pearls!

Using Seven Black Dragon Pearls 

tealyra black dragon pearl tea in teacup

This is really the part of the tea review that we enjoyed the most! For us, seven pearls for 12 oz of water is perfect. 

Black tea, in general, is a strong, full-bodied drink. Tealyra's Black Dragon Pearl tea is not as strong as other varieties of black tea. But it isn't weak either. It gives you the right amount of flavor that you don't mistake it as another type of (lighter) tea, yet it doesn't overwhelm you with the taste. 

Apart from the flavor, we loved its subtle earthy notes and its smoothness. It also doesn't have any astringent taste.

We liked it a lot that we decided to resteep with 8 oz of water twice. That's 28 oz of tea for seven pearls. In all instances, we followed the recommended steeping time, which is three minutes. The third batch did have lesser flavor but it is still desirable for our taste. 

Is the caffeine high enough to give you a good boost in the morning? We couldn't say but it did help us get through our busy morning — of course, we'd have to consider that we had more than 12 oz of tea. 

Overall Experience 

tealyra black dragon pearl tea set

We definitely had a good tea time with Tealyra's Black Dragon Pearl tea. This tea may be high in caffeine but we think this is the kind of tea you could drink anytime — even at night (yes, we've tried it.) 

If you're just getting into black tea, Black Dragon Pearl tea by Tealyra is a great first black tea option. This way, you could work your way up to stronger black tea varieties as you get into your tea journey. You'll have more reasons to drink tea daily

If you're drinking small amounts of tea throughout the day and you prefer black tea that's a little friendlier to your tastebuds, Tealyra's Black Dragon Pearl tea is right for you. You could use the same pearls you used with your first cup throughout the day. You won't even have to worry about going over your daily caffeine limit as you'll only get most of it from your first cup. 

Determining how many pearls you should use may mean you'd have to experiment on your first few tries but you can start with five pearls as many people did. You could also use seven like we did. Simply adjust the taste by using more pearls or steeping for a longer period. Just be sure to use the right temperature. Using water that's very hot could result in a bitter and woody taste (and yes, we've tried it, too). 

So, are we going to buy Black Dragon Pearl tea from Tealyra again? Of course!

Have you tried this tea? Let us know what you think and share your experience with us!



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