For this post, we're reviewing an interesting herbal tisane blend from The Milana Company. It's a Canada-based company that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by bringing together principles from the East and West, and using the finest authentic ingredients to craft high quality tea. 

Tea Basics

Countess Citron Tulsi by The Milana Company

  • Name: Countess Citron Tulsi
  • Type: Tisane/herbal tea
  • Flavor Profile: Citrusy with minty and warm notes
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Price: $7.99 CAD for a 25g (0.88 oz) resealable pouch  

Countess Citron Tulsi contains holy basil (Tulsi), Calendula petals, ginger, and lemongrass. 

Holy basil (Tulsi) is popular for its therapeutic properties. Its use dates back over 3,000 years in India, where it is regarded as a sacred plant. While it has many medicinal benefits, holy basil is best known as an anti-stress agent (adaptogen). It is commonly used to manage or treat anxiety and fatigue. Research shows that it could also affect the immune system, urinary system, and even the cardiovascular system.

Calendula is regarded for its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.It could also aid in easing muscle cramps and could be used to treat PMS cramps. 

Ginger is popular for its medicinal properties. Many use it to treat different forms of nausea. You could also use it for exercise-induced muscle soreness and pain.

Lemongrass is often used to treat stomach ache, pain, common colds, and cough. 

Just by looking at these benefits, we could already tell we'll be enjoying a soothing and relaxing cup of tea! 

Look and Aroma 

tea review Countess Citron Tulsi by The Milana Company

I've acquired the habit of sniffing the tea pack when we open one for tasting. And really, Countess Citron Tulsi smelled so good. I could just close my eyes and enjoy its aroma.   

The dry leaves smell strongly of ginger and lemongrass with subtle floral hints. When steeping, the brew has a spicy and minty aroma. 


herbal tea

For this session, I used a teaspoonfull of tea leaves and was able to make two rounds of tea using my gaiwan (that could hold about 100 ml). I think I could have done three rounds with the leaves because I still got great flavor on the second round. 

I was worried that the tea would have a strong gingery taste because the aroma of ginger really stood out. But it didn't.

The ingredients perfectly blended together and created a well balanced flavor that is smooth and soothing. I didn't have to use any sweetener. The flavor is perfect on its own. In addtion, the tea doesn't have any astringency to it, which was really great!


herbal tea with oly basil, ginger, calendula petals, and lemongrass

Overall, I love Countess Citron Tulsi. For me, I had a better experience with it when the tea is piping hot but the recommended temperature is 100-degree Celsius.

Because it's caffeine-free, I prefer to drink it in the afternoon or evening, but you can have it anytime of the day. It's the kind of tea you'd drink after a long day, when you need a pick-me-up, or when you're feeling sick and need to rejuvenate. 

Ready to order Countess Citron Tulsi or want to learn more about the Milana Company's tea collections? Check out for more info!



CompareTea received a sample to review. We made sure to keep our review as honest and unbiased as possible for the benefit of our readers.  




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