When we think of white tea, we imagine light-colored tea with mild floral or fruity flavor, and fragrant aroma. Embrew changed all that with their Bourbon Smoked White tea. 

Tea Basics

Embrew Bourbon Smoked White Tea

  • Name: Bourbon Smoked White
  • Brand: Embrew
  • Origin: Thyolo District, Malawi
  • Flavor Profile: Full-bodied white tea with subtle sweetness  
  • Steeping Instructions: Steep a tea bag for two minutes in 10-12 oz. of water at 185-degree Fahrenheit (85-degree Celsius) 
  • Price: $15.95 for a pack with 10 tea bags 

 This tea comes with granulated sweeteners in the bag, specifically smoked demerara sugar.  


Embrew's white tea has a smoky aroma with a hint of sweetness that wakes you up and relaxes you at the same time. Once you dunk the bag into your cup, the smoky aroma intensifies as if teasing you in anticipation of the brew. 

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Bourbon Smoked White Tea

This Bourbon Smoked White tea has a full-bodied flavor and clean mouthfeel. Embrew was right when they said the real hero of this tea is the Bourbon smoked sugar. We tasted and smelled it the entire tea session. As you drink the tea, you'll get that hint of peach and baked bread and then it will be replaced with notes of sweet Bourbon as an aftertaste. 

Overall Experience 

This tea has a lot of character in it that it's quite interesting and amazing how Embrew successfully created this blend. We enjoyed drinking it. If we ever have to pick a favorite blend from Embrew, it will be their Bourbon Smoked White tea. 

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