Native to the Amazon Forest of Ecuador, Guayusa is famous for its health benefits. It contains glutamic acid (also present in green tea), caffeine, theobromine (a stimulant that's also found in chocolates), antioxidants, and more. Guayusa tea is said to be effective in managing stress and fatigue.

Although it is technically not tea, Guayusa is popular among tea lovers for its energizing properties, which is said to be comparable with yerba mate and coffee. Unlike other caffeinated drinks, however, it is said that Guayusa tea doesn't give you the jitters or that sudden crash a few hours after drinking it.  

Tea Basics 

  • Name: Guayusa + Hierba Luisa Infusion
  • Brand: Micha Guayusa TEA
  • Flavor Profile: Strong lemon citrus with subtle tannic linger
  • Caffeine Content: Yes
  • Steeping Instructions: Use one teaspoon for a cup of freshly boiled water and steep for three to seven minutes, depending on how strong you want the brew to be.


 guayusa tea leaves

The leaves are broken into small pieces and are very powdery/dusty. It has a fresh green aroma with subtle sweetness.  


guayusa tea

We brewed a teaspoon of Guayusa leaves for seven minutes. The light brown brew has a very subtle aroma of lemongrass. It tastes bitter and vegetal, like drinking green tea but with a more pronounced flavor.  


guayusa tea

Guayusa tea has a very unique taste. If you haven't tried herbal tea or infusion, it takes a while to get used to. 

One very important thing you have to consider when brewing Guayusa tea is the infuser. The holes of our infuser basket were quite big to filter the powder so we ended up with a brew that has a lot of small floating particles in it the first time. On our second try, we switched to one with smaller holes and that helped a bit, although we still got some of the dusts in our tea (as you can see in the photo).

It's also worth experimenting on the amount of leaves you're going to use. For a teaspoon, our brew was really strong and bitter. You could also try to add a small amount of sweetener to work around the bitterness.  

If you like herbal infusions and are up for something new, consider adding this tea from Micha Guayusa TEA to your shopping list.  

For more information on Micha Guayusa and their products, you may visit there website or check them out on Instagram.  



*CompareTea received a sample to review. We made sure to keep our review as honest and unbiased as possible for the benefit of our readers.  



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