Gunpowder tea is a type of Chinese green tea with the leaves withered, steamed, rolled into small pellets, and then dried.  Like all green teas, Gunpowder tea is popular for its health benefits. 

There are three varieties of gunpowder tea, namely, Pingshui, Formosa, and Ceylon. Formosa gunpowder is a variety originating from Taiwan that is usually steamed or fresh oolongs. Compared with gunpowder tea produced in China, Formosa gunpowder is said to have its own unique characteristics and aroma. Pingshui gunpowder tea is the most common type of gunpowder on the market and is also known as Pinhead Gunpowder tea. Ceylon Gunpowder tea is a variant from Sri Lanka.  

Tea Basics

gunpowder tea pellets

  • Name: Gunpowder
  • Brand: Shine Wing Tea
  • Flavor Profile: Smoky, earthy flavor 
  • Steeping Instructions: Use 1 teaspoon for a 6-8 oz cup of water and steep at 175-185 degrees for two minutes

Shine Wing Tea is a Chinese tea exporter of specialty teas, chun mee, gun powder, and other tea varieties. They are exporting tea in Africa, North America, Europe, Southern Asia, and Eastern Asia. The company is known for their good reputation, innovation, exploration, loyalty and honesty.   

Gunpowder Leaves 

steeped gunpowder tea leaves

When it comes to gunpowder tea, remember that the color, size, and shine of the pellets indicate whether the gunpowder tea you bought is top-quality. High-quality gunpowder tea has small, shiny, and tightly rolled pellets. 

Shine Wing Tea's gunpowder tea has small, tightly rolled dark green pellets that are uniform in size. It has a subtle sweet and smoky aroma.

Gunpowder Tea 

gunpowder tea

Shine Wing Tea's gunpowder tea has a goldenrod yellow color. It's a full-bodied tea with smoky and earthy flavor. The aftertaste is sweet but subtle. This gunpowder tea also has a smooth mouthfeel. 

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Overall Experience 

gunpowder tea, shine wing tea

We loved Shine Wing Tea's gunpowder tea because the flavor is not overwhelming. Unlike other green tea variants that could have an intense vegetal flavor, this gunpowder tea's most remarkable characteristic is its rich, smoky taste. What we didn't like with this tea, however, is the amount of "dusts" or sediments that settled at the bottoom of our cup. It affected our whole experience with this tea a bit. 

Would we restock on gunpowder tea? Yes, we will. The flavor is great so we'll just have to deal with the sediments. 

If you're interested to try gunpowder tea by Shine Wing Tea, you may reach out to them on Instagram or visit

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