If you're looking for tea that's spicy and sweet, Embrew got you covered. This Lavender Chamomile Kick Herbal Tea would surprise you in more ways than one. 

Tea Basics:

tea basics Lavender Chamomile Kick Herbal Tea

Name: lavender Chamomile Kick Herbal Tea 
Brand: Embrew
Origin: Various regions of the United States 
Flavor Profile: Sweet with a touch of spice
Steeping Instructions: Steep a tea bag for six to eight minutes in 10-12 oz. of water at 212-degree Fahrenheit (100-degree Celsius) 
Price: $15.95


Embrew Lavender Chamomile Kick Herbal Tea

Photo credit: Embrew.com

I expected the tea bag to have a strong floral scent given its flavor. To my surprise, the floral scent was subtle and I love it. The aroma is mostly sweet.

The brew also has a subtle Lavender aroma. Just by smelling the tea alone, you wouldn't have a clue of what's in store for you when you taste it. 


I expected the Lavender flavor to stand out but in my opinion, it simply played a secondary role. The spice took the spotlight. Spicy and sweet, the brew is comparable with chai tea but with a milder flavor. 

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Lavender Chamomile Kick Herbal Tea by Embrew

I steeped the bag for eight minutes because I want to taste how strong the flavor could be. Aaaand oh, boy! 

Before tasting this tea, my biggest concern was that it's lavender. I've had lavender tea in the past and it was too "perfumey" for my liking. I have to confess, I put off reviewing this tea until there's nothing left in the sampler set but this. 

The notes on Embrew's website about this tea were spot on. It does have a bite! And I think brewing it for a full eight minutes gave me the maximum kick I could get out of it.

I always thought of Lavender tea as one I'd drink to wind down after a busy day — but not this one! Lavender Chamomile Kick from Embrew gives you that push you need to power through your day. If I may say, it gives you a good kick in the butt to finish the day strong. 

A friendly reminder: If you haven't tried spicy tea, try brewing this at the minimum required time t osee how you like it before deciding to steep it longer. As with anything spicy, it might be best not to take it on an empty stomach. 

For more on Embrew and their products, check out Embrew.com. You can buy Lavender Chamomile Kick Herbal Tea here






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