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When it comes to tea, Taiwan is popular for its oolong, black tea, and green tea. I got really excited when I received this in the mail because we've mostly just reviewed Chinese teas and this is our first Taiwanese tea review.

Kuan Yin Teas offers a wide range of tea varieties. Apart from black tea and Taiwan tea, they also have oolongs, pu-erh, organic teas, and of course, your usual green tea, and white tea. They also have teas from Japan and India. 

Tea Basics

Kuan Yin Teas Taiwan Wild Black Tea

  • Name: Taiwanese Wild Black  Tea
  • Brand: Kuan Yin Teas
  • Flavor Profile: Fruity with a deeper, richer body and flavor
  • Caffeine: Not indicated but black teas are known to have a high caffeine content compared with other tea varieties
  • Price: $6 (1 oz) $12 (2 oz) $24 (4 oz) 

A quick note on the packaging. You'd want to make sure that you'll have proper storage for the tea. It doesn't come in a resealable pouch. You may have to put the leaves in a tin or use one of those bag sealers to prevent air and moisture from getting in the bag.  


Kuan Yin Teas Taiwan Wild Black Tea leaves

The dark brown and black leaves are long and wiry. I love how the tea leaves are not broken into smaller bits. I've finished the entire pack and I've only gotten well-made beautiful tea leaves up to the last tea spoon. It only goes to show you're getting quality tea leaves with your money. 

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Kuan Yin Teas Taiwanese Wild Black Tea 

It's usually the aroma that I try to notice first in every pack that we open and this tea didn't disappoint. The very second that I opened the pack, I was greeted with a sweet, woody, comforting aroma. The aroma is akin to brown sugar and vanilla. The scent lingers from preparation to steeping. You still get a faint sweet aroma with the liquor but aroma of the brew is more woody -like oak- than sweet. 


Kuan Yin Teas

The coppery infusion has a sweet and earthy taste. The sweet notes that stood out for me were malt and maple syrup. The liquor also has a smooth feel. You'll get a slightly sweet, maple syrup aftertaste that will linger for a while at the back of your mouth. I prefer drinking it while hot as you'll get some bitterness in the tea when it starts to cool.   

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Kuan Yin Teas Wild Black Tea 

Next to Shine Wing Tea's Golden Needle Tea, I love this Taiwan Black Tea from Kuan Yin Teas. I was able to do about three to four decent infusions from a single teaspoon. I like drinking black tea in the morning and this one has easily become a favorite. 

To learn more about Kuan Yin Teas and their products, you can visit their shop or check them out on Instagram

Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea from Taiwan Tea & Co

Photo credit: Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea from Taiwan Tea & Co via Amazon.com

If you like Taiwan Black Tea, you might like Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea from Taiwan Tea & Co. This tea is naturally farmed with no pesticides, no preservatives, and no added chemicals. Red Jade black tea is one of the most unique and sought after tea varieties in Asia. This black tea is popular for its floral aroma, sweet honey flavor, and smooth palate.  

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