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We're going to say it now because we just can't wait until later in the post to tell you. We absolutely love this tea!

If you're in search for the best oolong tea, you should definitely try this. 

Tea Basics 

Best oolong tea

  • Name: TGY (Tie Guan Yin ) Oolong
  • Brand: Summit Tea Company
  • Origin: Fujian, China
  • Flavor Profile: Earthy Oolong flavor with floral notes
  • Caffeine Content: Nothing mentioned on the package or on their website. In general, 100 milliliters of oolong tea (about 20 teaspoons) brewed for three minutes has approximately 20 milligrams of caffeine.
  • Steeping Time & Temperature: Three minutes at 175-degree Fahrenheit or 95-degree Celsius for green tea; four minutes at near boil for black tea; five minutes or more at near boil for herbal infusion.  
  • Steeping Instructions: For hot tea, use a heaping teaspoon (about 3 grams) of TGY oolong leaves for every 8-ounce (approximately 237 milliliters) cup. To make iced tea, steep two teaspoons for every 8-ounce then pour over ice.
  • Price: $8.29 (in Amazon) for a pouch weighing 5.3 ounces. 

Dry TGY Oolong Leaves 

Loose leaves TGY Oolong tea best oolong tea

TGY Oolong from Summit Tea Company comes in a transparent resealable, stand-up pouch. We noticed the seal of the packaging is tighter than those of other tea products we've bought. This is perfect if you don't have a container to store your loose leaves.   

The pack we got last May 18 was manufactured on April 10 so we received a pretty fresh batch. 

TGY Oolong tea leaves were tightly wound and are even in size. We also checked for dust (the fine powder that's often leftovers of harvested tea leaves) at the bottom of the bag and we're happy to tell you that there was none.  

We absolutely liked the aroma of these very dark green loose leaves. It is sweet with a hint of flowers.  

Could this be the best oolong tea for us?

Steeped TGY Oolong Leaves 

 steeped TGY oolong tea leaves

For our tea review, we tried steeping TGY Oolong for three minutes and then for four minutes. Each time, we did a second steeping as it was suggested in the packaging that each teaspoon could be used for three steepings.  

The leaves unfurl into beautiful sage green whole leaves. Just like steeping other types of loose leaves, you'd want to use bigger tea infuser or strainer. A small tea ball won't give enough space for the leaves to unfurl completely. 

3-Minute Steeping Time 

3 minutes steeping time TGY Oolong tea

We find the flavor to be light but definitely not underwhelming. If you need to relax or are already winding down for the day, a three-minute steeping time is probably best. You'll a get a cup of delightful copper-colored tea with a light flavor and a subtle fruity note. 

Although the website and packaging suggest multiple steeping for a teaspoon of loose TGY Oolong leaves, we don't recommend it. The flavor and color of our second steeping is remarkably lighter than the first one. Remember, the flavor for a three-minute steeping time is already light. There's very little flavor left on the second one. 

4-Minute Steeping Time

A four-minute steeping time gave us a cup of tea with a fuller a flavor and (of course) a bit darker color. Between this one and the ones we steeped for three minutes, this is the best oolong tea we steeped. You might want to drink one in the morning though. With its flavor, it could give you a nice boost to start your day.  

TGY Oolong tea from Summit Tea Company has no bites or that astringency taste that's common in some types of tea.     

When we tried a second steeping, it gave us a lighter flavor but not as light as the one we had with a three-minute steeping time. We'd say, the second steeping is still okay. 

Overall TGY Oolong Experience

affordable best oolong tea

We had the best oolong tea experience with Summit Tea Company's TGY Oolong tea! The most awesome part in all this is that we didn't have to spend a fortune for it. For less than $9 a pouch, this is definitely great deal.

You see, you don't have to spend a lot on high-quality tea. You just need to know where to look. Ready to try one of the best oolong tea around? You can buy through Amazon or directly from summittea.com.    



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