One of the most exciting parts of starting your tea journey –apart from finding the perfect cup of tea– is collecting teaware and tea accessories.

You know you’re in the home of tea lovers if they have any of the following items. If you’re new to the world of tea, don’t worry. Over time, you’ll be able to complete this list too.

1. Teapots and teacups

teapot and teacups for tea time

Teapots and teacups are often the first acquisitions of many tea enthusiasts. For some, no tea time is ever complete without their favorite dainty tea sets.

A lot of people love collecting teapots and teacups as it also serves as a chance to express themselves. With thousands of designs to choose from, it’s difficult to just fall in love with one set.  

2. Tea Infusers

tea infuser

If you want to try loose leaf tea, then you definitely need a tea infuser to go with your teaware. It’s a perforated container that holds your tea leaves. You place it in cup or mug of hot water and let it steep for a few minutes.

There are different types of tea infusers. Some of the most popular ones are tea infuser baskets and tea balls. They’re often made of stainless steel or silicone. Tea infusers also come in different shapes and sizes.

Like teapots and teacups, you’ll have fun collecting infusers too.  

3. Tea Cozies

tea cozy

Tea cozies are one of the best tea accessories on the market. They keep your tea warm for a longer period. You can also use them to dress up your teaware. With a cozy, you won’t have to worry about finishing your tea quickly.

Take your time and enjoy your warm cup of tea!  

4. Tea Filter Bags

tea bags for tea time

Tea filter bags are tea infusers made of cloth. There are disposable one and reusable ones. 

Tea filter bags are perfect if you want to bring your own tea while travelling and don’t want to be bothered with bringing an infuser. You can prepare your tea bag before your trip and bring as many bags as you like with you. This more convenient than bringing a small tea container and an infuser.

With your tea bags, you can have your much needed tea time whenever you like.

5. Tea Boxes

tea box

Find your tea of the day easily with a nice-looking tea box! As you go through your tea journey, your tea stash will eventually grow. Who wouldn’t want to keep tabs of their growing tea collection?

A tea box makes it easier to know which flavors you still have and which ones you need to restock. Entertaining some guests? Let them choose what tea they like to try by showing them your stash.

With these tea accessories, you’ll always have an unforgettable tea time. Go ahead, start shopping for teaware! You know you want to! 

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